Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mad Men Challenge: Joan Blue Shirtwaist Dress

Last week on a total whim I decided that I would participate in Julia Bobbin's Mad Men Challenge. I got the pattern on Monday and was determined to finish it in time for the Season 6 premiere. So here is my Joan masterpiece!

Joan's Dress

My version

I found the pattern on Etsy, Butterick 8576. It uses gathers at the bust area instead of a dart and pleats on the skirt. I actually really like the fit of it. It's not quite as form fitting as Joan's, but it's super comfortable and I think flattering. 

I got the fabric, a gabardine, from High Fashion Fabrics when I was in Houston last weekend. I'd like to try the pattern again it in a floral or a stripe maybe, in a lighter fabric than the gabardine. I really love the feel of this one, but it will be tough to wear in those hot Texas summers!

The back has two vents at the back, which gives it a nice little kick.

 "Our Joanie plays the accordion, you know..."

My brother was kind enough to let me use his airstream trailer for the pictures, as well as his accordion that he's had since we were kids. I've sewn a couple of things for the airstream, so maybe I'll give you a tour some time (if he'll let me!). 

I love Mad Men, and like most vintage enthusiasts, I'm mad about the fashion in it. I think I could get addicted to sewing a Mad Men-inspired wardrobe. I'm super excited for the premiere of Season 6 tonight, and even more jazzed that I have this swanky new Joan dress to go along with it! 



  1. Beautiful! I too love Mad men, and especially the clothings...

  2. Thank you very much! We'll see how the fashion progresses as we get into the 1970s... It's not quite as exciting, for me at least!

  3. Love the dress! It looks very true to Joan's dress. True, it isn't as fitted, but I think it makes it more wearable that way. Good job!

  4. Very cute and you did a great job remaining so close to Joan's dress. I love seeing the results of this challenge!

  5. Dress looks great, very much like Joanie's! (and love the Airstream!) I made a Betty Draper Francis dress. I can't wait to see what everyone has made. Yuk! to the 70's fashions that are coming our way on the show.

    1. How exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone made, also, including your Betty dress!

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